Check out this audio perspective on abortion to HEAR the impact of abortion 44 years after Roe v. Wade!

National Statistics

  • Since 1973, when the landmark case Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in all 50 states, over 60 million children have died.
  • More people have died from abortion than in all the American wars combined
  • More children die from abortion each day—almost 3,500 nationwide*– than died in the 9/11 attacks.
  • Since 1970, Planned Parenthood has performed over 6,676,000* abortions. Annually, they currently perform about 325,000.*
  • About 22% of all pregnancies in the US end in abortion*.
  • There is a disproportionate impact on minority communities. Hispanics make up only 17% of the population but account for 25% of all abortions. Blacks make up 13% of the population and account for 30% of all abortions.** Over half of all abortions come from this combined 30% of the population.

Local Statistics

  • In St. Joseph County, approximately 600 children a year die from abortion. The number has been as high as 1,200+/year**.
  • More than 36,000** lives have been lost locally to abortion (6,900 of those from the Black community).
  • 36,000 fewer consumers of goods, cars, and houses (consider how this may have impacted the current problem of vacant houses in the area that are now being demolished with taxpayer dollars).
  • More than $29 billion in lost Gross Domestic Product (GDP) locally since 1973.
  • More than $261 million not being contributed to our local economy every year.
  • More than $130 million in lost local tax revenue every year.
  • More than $34 million not being contributed to Social Security every year.
  • More than $7.8 million not being contributed to Medicare every year.
  • 36,000 fewer minds contributing to the improvement and advancement of our local community.

General Facts of Abortion for Women

  • Abortion effects women negatively, having physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual consequences. To name a few: gynecological and other physical complications, death, infertility and miscarriage of future wanted children, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship problems, trouble with bonding of current or future children, suicide (especially high in teen population), and more.
  • A woman’s chance for breast cancer increases greatly after having an abortion. (To explain this briefly, it is due to an abrupt interruption of a natural hormonal process—pregnancy. This interruption causes excess estrogen to disperse throughout the body and typically settle in breast cells, causing tumors).
  • Many women regret their abortion, as is evidenced by the national group “Silent No More”. Most women interviewed stated they wish they had known more about the options of adoption and support in parenting, but were made to feel they had no other choice than abortion.

General Facts about Human Life

  • An embryo is one stage of human development, as is a fetus, infant, toddler, teenager, and adult.
  • You had all 46 chromosomes, 23 from each parent, from the moment of conception (fertilization). You were your own unique person, with potentially different blood type than your mother.
  • Your heart began beating when you were 21 days old in your mother’s womb.
  • Babies can feel pain as early as 8 weeks after conception.
  • You had fingernails at 9 weeks after conception, and were able to suck your thumb.
  • At 12 weeks after conception you could kick, turn over, and make a fist, and shortly after that you had vocal chords and could hear.

What has the legal extermination of 60 million human beings done to our society?

  • It has compromised the basic respect for human life throughout society.
  • It has established a standard that has devalued all human life.
  • It has turned the weakest and most vulnerable among us into the most endangered among us.

Most significantly, these 60 million deaths represent the loss of 60 million unique, living, breathing, loving, laughing, thinking, growing, creating people—sons, daughters, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors who could have brought so much more to our world and to all of our lives.

*Conservative estimate as reported by the Allen Guttmacher institute, the reporting agency of Planned Parenthood.
**Taken from the Indiana State Department of Health records (1998-2013) and based on CDC statistics for Indiana (1973-1997).